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Annual Glam Event

Presented three disabled individuals with a "Day of Beauty" hair and makeup makeover at our Annual Glam Event, offering them a special opportunity to feel pampered, confident, and celebrated.

For the past three years, The Makeup On Wheels Foundation, led by our founder Stephanie Debes, has hosted its Annual Glam Event, offering a transformative "Day of Beauty" experience to individuals with disabilities. Each year, we have had the privilege of selecting one deserving individual to receive this VIP treatment, providing them with professional hair and makeup makeovers to feel pampered, confident, and celebrated. In 2023, we expanded the impact of our event by collaborating with the esteemed hair salon, Risque Hair Salon, who hosted the event in their space.

This collaboration marked the most recent year, 2023, and allowed us to elevate the "Day of Beauty" experience to new heights. Stephanie Debes' expertise as a makeup artist, along with Risque Hair Salon's hairstyling prowess, enhanced the overall makeover experience for our participants. Despite this being the first year of collaboration with Risque Hair Salon, our foundation has consistently held the Annual Glam Event for three years, underscoring our ongoing commitment to recognizing and uplifting deserving individuals within the disabled community.

Through this collaborative effort, The Makeup On Wheels Foundation and Risque Hair Salon united in their shared mission to promote inclusivity, celebrate diversity, and empower individuals with disabilities to embrace their beauty and uniqueness. The "Day of Beauty" makeover served as a tangible expression of this shared commitment, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of our participants and reaffirming our collective dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

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