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Cerebral Palsy Day at Wagner High School

Donated supplies for a Sensory Room/Pathway, machinery for the ACES Program Custom Merchandising Store, and provided sensory/therapeutic giveaways benefiting over 3,000 students at Susan E. Wagner High School.

On March 25th, a day designated as Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day, the halls of Wagner High School were imbued with a vibrant hue of green, symbolizing unity and support for individuals affected by cerebral palsy. Amidst this backdrop of solidarity, the Makeup On Wheels Foundation, under the leadership of its dedicated founder Stephanie Debes, orchestrated a remarkable initiative that left an enduring impact on the school community.

Stephanie's visit to Wagner High School on this significant day sparked a collective spirit of compassion and advocacy. As students and faculty alike adorned themselves in green attire, they not only demonstrated their solidarity but also ignited a dialogue surrounding cerebral palsy awareness. Within the confines of Wagner's halls, the ACES special needs students program seized the opportunity to channel their enthusiasm into a meaningful fundraiser. Through engaging Q&A sessions about cerebral palsy and the sale of green-themed snacks and bracelets, they exemplified the spirit of proactive empathy.

The culmination of these efforts resulted in a generous donation to The Makeup On Wheels Foundation, marking a beautiful synergy between advocacy and philanthropy. However, what began as an act of generosity evolved into a profound exchange of support. Recognizing the needs of Wagner High School, Stephanie and her foundation resolved to reciprocate the kindness shown to them. In a gesture of solidarity and gratitude, the foundation extended its support beyond monetary contributions, providing essential supplies for the Sensory Room/Pathway, machinery for the ACES Program Custom Merchandising Store, and sensory/therapeutic giveaways benefiting thousands of students.

By participating in this transformative event alongside Wagner High School, the Makeup On Wheels Foundation not only exceeded its initial goal of servicing 500 individuals by 2025 but also demonstrated the power of collective action in fostering inclusivity and support within communities. As of March 25th, 2024, the foundation's impact has touched the lives of over 3,138 individuals, embodying the ethos of compassion and advocacy that defines its mission.

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